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New Year greetings with a saying or poem

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Design your New Year greetings with a saying, quote or wisdom from famous personalities. But you can also resort to a poem or verse to decorate your New Year greetings. You can find both in this section of our page with greetings for any celebration. Get inspired or directly adopt a New Year's greeting in your card. With a New Year's poem, you may become a little poet yourself and just need a thought-provoking push.

New Year Greeting Templates with Saying

"The end of the year is not an end or a beginning, but a living on with the wisdom that experience has taught us."

Hello Mathilde,

I wish you a Happy New Year! Happiness, health and success may be your companions.

Warm New Year greetings from


"The new year looks kindly upon me, and I quietly leave behind the old one with its sunshine and clouds."

Hello Katja!

I wish you a New Year full of new dreams, new opportunities and a new love.

Love greetings

Your best friend Heidi

"When the first morning of the new year dawns, the sky seems no different from the day before, but still one feels strangely fresh."

Dear Binder family,

we wish you all a fantastic New Year! All wishes and dreams shall come true for you!

The warmest greetings

Alice, Roman and Mirko

"I hope to be able to want to do more and have to do less in the new year."

Dear Norbert,

I wish you many new opportunities, nice encounters and great surprises in the coming year!

Best regards


"At the threshold of the new year, hope laughs and whispers that it will bring us more happiness."

Dear Karl,

At the turn of the year I wish you a year with many happy moments. Let the stress of the last time fall off you!

The very dearest greetings

Yours Julia

"To all of us, I wish that next year will be half as stupid as this one."

Dear Marlene, dear Frank!

We hope the New Year's Eve was not too exhausting! For the New Year we would like to wish you a backpack full of ladybugs and shamrocks.

See you soon

Tina and Wolfgang

"It's up to you whether you want to use the new year as a brake or as an engine."

Dear Mira, dear Gabriel!

For the New Year we wish you drive, cheerfulness and lots of love!

With the warmest greetings

Lydia and Thilo

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More New Year sayings

If the above suggestions still did not include the desired saying, then please read on here:

Of course, I can't say whether it will be better if it is different, but I can say this much: It must be different if it is to be good.

Life is like a journey, New Year's Eve is like a milestone.

One should not want to foresee the future, but make it possible.

It is essential to learn more each year than the year before.

The easiest way to recognize the New Year's Day is the many overweight joggers.

Dare and let God rule.

You who have the time in your hands, Lord, take also this year's burden - and turn it into blessing.

A smoke blows away, a water trickles away, a time passes, a new one begins.

If the old year was successful, then look forward to the new one, and if it was bad, then even more so.

It is not the years in our lives that count, but the life in our years.

A new year is like a new bank customer: as long as nothing adverse is known about him, you should give him credit.

No New Year's resolutions this year - I haven't worked through the ones from last year yet.

Everyone has reason to celebrate the beginning of the new year. After all, he survived the old one.

Up! Once again a new year... Once again a postal station where fate changes horses.

With the attitude to life at the start of a new year: "Close your eyes and get through it", many a person has already lost their perspective.

Examples of New Year greetings with a poem

If the old year was successful,
man look forward to the new,
and was it bad,
yes, then even more so.

Dear Schiller family,

for the turn of the year we would like to send you a thousand ladybugs and a whole meadow full of clovers.

Warm greetings

Tamara, Arthur and Ben

Pop the corks.
Let the glasses clink.
Let's start the new year.
Stay happy and healthy:
365 day, that's 8760 hour.

Hello Helen,

on New Year's Eve I would like to send you my warmest greetings. For the New Year I wish you all, all the best!

Your friend


The days are getting longer,
a new year is dawning.
May everything be as good,
as it can be!

Dear Bernreiter family,

we wish you a Happy New Year and good luck and health.

Warm New Year's greetings

Ramona and Ruben

Also passes year and year
one thing is quite clear:
life must always be enjoyed,
no hour may pass without joy!

Dear Meyer family,

I wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

Your aunt


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More New Year poems

From here on there are more poems and verses for the turn of the year.

Look into the world with alert senses,
you will always find something new in it.

Blessings, happiness, contentment,
joy and cheerfulness
bring you the New Year,
dear parents abundantly.

The old year has made it smart,
Gone is the fog and the night.
To the great fortune for far and near,
There was another on the spot.

Will happiness according to its meaning
give you something good,
Say thank you and accept it
without much hesitation.

Every gift is welcome,
but above all:
That for which you strive,
may you succeed.

The church tower bell chimes twelve times.
The old year is over once again.
The people in the alleys
in the alleys for the sheer exuberance of it all.
They sing and jump around like fleas
and throw their caps in the air.
The journeyman chimney sweeper Schwerzlich
kisses Konditor Krause quite heartily.
The old gendarme even hums today
a friendly: Cheers to the New Year.