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Sample texts for birthday greetings

red balloons in the shape of heart

We have gladly compiled a wide variety of birthday greetings for you in this section. You will find short, long and funny birthday greetings. But you can also rummage in the topics birthday greetings with a saying or poem, maybe here is a nice congratulations for your loved ones? We wish you a lot of fun reading and hope that your greeting card will become a real unique!

Short birthday greetings

On the following page you will find templates for short birthday greetings. These greetings will definitely fit into any birthday card and you won't have any space problems. Of course, this form of greeting is intended only for friends, acquaintances or work colleagues. For a somewhat closer relationship, such as best friend, best friend or close relatives, a slightly longer birthday greeting is appropriate.

Dear birthday girl,
I wish you a happy birthday, stay as you are!

Warm greetings

Your friend Willi

Dear Julia,

I would like to wish you all the best for your birthday.
I am glad that I have such a great friend in you!

Love greetings

Your best friend Anja

Happy Birthday

Long birthday greetings

If you are really fond of someone, or if the birthday boy or girl is very special, your birthday greeting can be a little longer. In your greetings and congratulations, you can refer to shared experiences or a hobby that you do together. But you can also line your greeting with sensitive and romantic words and make it something very personal.

Dear Helga!

For your birthday I would like to bring you the dearest congratulations. I hope in the coming year we can meet again more often for jogging.

Best regards


Dear Julia,

I would like to wish you all the best for your birthday.
I am glad that I have such a great friend!

Love greetings

Your Anja

Funny birthday greetings

A birthday greeting does not always have to be serious, it can of course be written with a certain joke. But for this you need to know the birthday boy well, so that you do not put your foot in it. If you are looking for really funny birthday greetings, then you are exactly right here - have fun reading!

Hello Uwe,

were you actually very sad when the dinosaurs became extinct?

Best wishes for your 33rd birthday


Dear Astrid,

now you need quite some puff to blow out the candles on your birthday cake!
The very best greetings for your 28th birthday
from your cousin


Birthday greetings with a saying

Birthday greetings with a saying as an introduction or in the greeting text look very respectable. You can see, here someone has really made an effort and created an individual greeting card. Birthday sayings can be used for the greeting disc at any age, there are them from funny, witty to romantic, contemplative to serious. Often the sayings are also quotes from famous people or wisdom from foreign countries.

"Anyone who maintains the ability to recognize beauty will never grow old."

Dear Theo,

congratulations on your 62nd birthday!

Beate and Horst

"Getting younger and younger as you get older is the right art of living."

Dear Jutta,

I wish you all the best for your
56th birthday!

Best regards


Birthday cake with cupcake and candle

Birthday greetings with a poem

A romantic poem can introduce your birthday card. In your greeting, you may refer to the lyrical lines and create a unique greeting text. The birthday girl or boy will surely be surprised and will remember your nice lines for a long time.

In a nutshell, my wish is small:
May you always be happy!

Dear Marion,

on your birthday today I wish you lots of sunshine for the coming year!

The very best greetings from

your friend Liane

Walk through joyful and cheerful
Your life year after year.
Happiness be your companion,
Your sky eternally clear!

Dear birthday girl!

Congratulations on your 21st birthday

Lisa and Holger

SMS birthday greetings

Nowadays, people often do not send a greeting card on their birthday, but instead write a loving or funny text message to the birthday boy or girl. The congratulations and sayings are usually written in rhyme, so a very special greeting is transmitted by cell phone.

Quietly I send this SMS on the road. With joy and greetings it should sweeten your birthday!

160 small characters that reach you with this SMS want to greet you warmly today to sweeten your birthday.
Best wishes for your birthday!

Child with dungarees and colorful balloons in hand

The birthday card and greetings included

Congratulate properly on the birthday with the appropriate greetings!

A birthday is always an incisive experience in a person's life. In younger years, one is happy about every birthday. The young person gets a whole lot closer to adulthood every year. In middle age, it's more like thinking, "Another year older." The person of advanced age is grateful that he is still doing well and hopes, above all, for good health. Now, different birthdays require different birthday cards and customized birthday greetings. However, a certain basic pattern can be maintained for each greeting text. Then you can't really go wrong when sending a birthday greeting card.

The birthday card
. First, it is safe to state that the card should contain an appealing motif. This means, for example, that the colors are appealing. Since a birthday is a joyous occasion, the colors can be chosen bright and cheerful in good conscience. You may be able to make an exception to this if you know what colors the birthday child particularly likes.
For round birthdays, it is often common for the number to be relatively large on the first page of the greeting card. Then follow with most cards contemplative, romantic or funny sayings. One should make sure that these do not seem trite in any way. Ideally, they have a concrete reference to the respective jubilarian.
In the online age, you can of course design the birthday card itself. Here you also have a variety of design options in all nuances in the choice of colors.

The birthday greetings
. Inside the card remains space to convey specially created greetings and wishes to the celebrant. These birthday greetings should perhaps have a personal and individual character. Depending on the relationship with the jubilarian, private experiences or circumstances can also be expressed.
In any case, the greetings should have the effect that they were chosen wisely. It never makes a good impression if they sound as if they were written without an idea of their own. Everyone will be happy to receive a birthday card that is personalized and customized. The birthday greetings will then give the impression that you have thought about the person celebrating and therefore hold him or her in special esteem.
The birthday greetings are the business card of the bearer!