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Sample texts for the New Year greetings

Fireworks in red and silver with stars

On New Year's Eve, people cheerfully ring in the New Year. People wish each other a happy new year, good luck, success and health. For your New Year's greetings, we have put these greetings and wishes into words. On the next pages you will find short and long greeting texts as well as sample texts and templates with a saying or poem. The greetings are written sometimes contemplative, sometimes romantic and often funny. You will always find the right New Year greeting!

Short New Year greetings

A New Year's greeting does not always have to be long and elaborate. Often a short greeting line is enough to convey best wishes to your loved ones. Very often it is simply the thought that counts! If you still bring your greeting message in a colorful New Year's card on paper, you have certainly succeeded in a joyful surprise for the start of the New Year.

Dear Jenny, dear Lasse!

For the start of the New Year we would like to wish you good luck, health and success.

Best regards

Laura and Mario

Dear Althof family,

we wish you a happy new year. May all your dreams and hopes come true!

Warm New Year greetings

Paula, Florian and Sven

Colorful streamers

Long New Year greetings

A beginning year is always something special. One thinks about what is to come, be it positive or perhaps negative. New Year greetings should therefore always contain the best and warmest wishes. Health, happiness and success are in the foreground here. You can find detailed New Year's greetings for a somewhat longer New Year's card on our next greetings page. You are welcome to adopt the greeting texts or use them as inspiration for your own greeting message.

Hello Gabi!

For the New Year I send you warm greetings and wish you good luck and success in everything you plan!

All love


Dear Georg!

I hope that you have survived the Christmas holidays well and can now start the new year happy and content. Enjoy every day, don't let it get you down and just stay the way you are. All the best and much success!

Yours Silvia

New Year greetings with a saying or poem

On the following page we hold ready for you New Year's sayings and New Year's poems for your greeting card. Of course, you will also find the corresponding greeting text! The sayings, quotes and poems decorate the New Year's greeting and give it that certain extra. If you want to write some lines yourself, you can get ideas and templates for your verses.

"Greet the New Year with confidence and without prejudice, and you will have half won it for a friend."

Dear Roland,

I wish you a happy, healthy and successful New Year! I am sure the year 2... will become your best friend.

Best regards

Inge and Ulrich

Prosit New Year, dear friend!
Accept it as it is meant.
Happiness the new year bring you,
what you undertake, succeed!

Hello Arnold!

I want to thank you for always being there for me in the past year. For 2... I wish you from the bottom of my heart good luck and health.

Dear New Year's greetings


Lucky horseshoe

The New Year card and the included New Year greetings

As soon as the old year comes to an end, people reflect on those who have played an important role for them during the year or who may do so in the coming year; thoughts turn to those who are important for a variety of reasons and who want to be shown that they are being remembered at the turn of the year. A short or longer New Year's greeting is a wonderful idea for this!

Selecting the right greeting card
. When choosing the New Year card, the type of relationship that exists with the addressee and what kind of New Year greetings it should be is important. Has the addressee had a difficult year and the greeting should encourage him? Is he simply a good friend whom you have not seen for a long time? All this should be considered when choosing the appropriate card for the New Year greetings. The addressee, who had some strokes of fate in the past year, should be sent a New Year's card, which has a rather calm motif that conveys strength and confidence. For example, the image of a horizon, a beautiful landscape or something similar. In the case of a friend, it can be a cheerful motif, for example, with champagne glasses, lucky pigs, a chimney sweep, fireworks or a shamrock - just the symbols that belong to the turn of the year. The degree of humor of the greetings then depends entirely on the humor of the friend.

The greeting text in the New Year card
. Here, too, the addressee must be considered when choosing the right greetings or wishes. To the boss or good acquaintance one writes - after selection of a neutral, but positive card motive, friendly, but rather general New Year greetings are appropriate. Appropriate would be there for example: " For the new year we wish good luck and health" or simply : "The best wishes for the new year" or alternatively: " All the best for the new year". Basically, the more personal the relationship is, the more individual the New Year greetings should be. Here, too, the personal life situation of the addressee should be taken into account and, if necessary, words of encouragement should be used.

Salutation and closing formula of the New Year greeting
. In the salutation, the degree of relationship between the well-wisher and the addressee must be taken into account. However, a salutation with "Dear" or "Love" is appropriate in any case, since only positive messages are to be transported by the New Year's greetings. For closer friends, the more personal form "My dear" or "My love" is also possible - this is then a question of personal taste. As a closing formula, phrases such as "In hope of a good year remain..." or "All the best for the new year wish..." or "A toast to the turn of the year from..." are suitable. However, a simple "Cheers New Year from..." is also quite simple.

New Year's greetings as a conclusion of the year
. No matter how you formulate the greetings at the turn of the year, it is important to show people that you have given them good wishes for the new year. As long as the New Year greetings transport this content, they will not miss their target and make someone happy.