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Christmas greetings with a saying

silver Christmas tree with red star on top

Your Christmas greetings can be short or long, you can find examples here, but the Christmas greetings can also contain Christmas sayings. A saying in the Christmas card makes it something unique. The recipient sees that you have really dealt with the Christmas greeting and it does not come off the shelf. We will be happy if you find the right Christmas saying for your personal Christmas greeting here!

Greetings with a contemplative Christmas saying

"Christmas is not a season. It's a feeling."

Dear Pauline,

we wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas. Let yourself be captivated by the magic of this wonderful time!

Warm Christmas greetings from

Anna, Felix and Lisa

"Basically, it's always the connections with people that give life its value."

Dear Petra, dear Georg!

We wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas with your family.

Warm greetings

Sabine and Hubert

"Jesus comes into our night so that we can come into His light."

Dear Elke,

may peace and God's blessings accompany you at Christmas and in the coming year.

Warm greetings

Maria and Robert

"The secret of happiness is not in possession, but in giving. Those who make others happy become happy."

Dear Nadine,

we wish you a merry and blessed Christmas! Of course we hope that the Christ Child will also give you rich gifts.

Warm Christmas greetings

Ulrike and Martin

"If the old year was successful, then look forward to the new!
And if it was bad - then even more so!"

Dear Beate,

I wish you a very special and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Warm greetings
Your friend Helga

"The more joy we bring to others, the more joy returns to our own hearts."

Dear Muhr family,

we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and good luck in the New Year!

Sandra, Anton, Jan and Lea

"If ever the divine appeared on earth, it was with the birth of Christ."

Dear Bertram family,

we wish you a merry, peaceful and blessed Christmas and health and happiness for the coming year.

Diana Kögler with family

"Sometimes a few dear greetings fall from the sky like shooting stars and brighten entire winter evenings."

Dear Finn!

I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 20...!

Warm greetings


Christmas tree as a bow

More contemplative Christmas sayings

You can also use the following Christmas sayings in your Christmas greetings:

This is the miracle of the Holy Christmas, that a helpless child becomes the helper of us all.

Whoever gives Jesus a place in the center of his life, whoever lets Christmas into his heart, will soon find that he gives up nothing, but gains everything.

Our Advent lights are an advance radiance of that glory which rises to dawn over the darkness of the earth.

Every time we let God love others through us is Christmas. It becomes Christmas every time we smile at our brother and reach out to him.

The kindness and love of God our Savior appeared.

This is our feast, what we celebrate today: the coming of God to man, so that we may come to God.

It's not lights and lamps that matter,
and it's not in the moon and the sun
but that we have eyes
that can see God's glory.

You have to bow down before God,
because he is so great,
to the child,
because he is so small.
How low one must bow,
because God has become a child.

Advent means:
God knocks on our door.
Christmas means:
God picks us up no matter where we are.
In the Incarnation, God has made his deepest secret known.
God's Son became man,
so that man might have his home in God.

God's Christmas world is full of messengers, and some are on their way to you!

Only those who move hearts move the world

Happiness often comes from attention to small things.

It is beautiful to meet the eyes of the one to whom you have just given something.

Let my heart leap joyfully at this time, when all the angels are singing for joy.

With a candle, it is not the wax that is important, but the light.

I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year long.

You can have peace only when you give it.

As Christmas approaches, it becomes brighter in our lives and the Christmas expectation, it is like beautiful music.

The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem is not a one-time story, but a gift that remains forever.

Rejoice that the immortal God is born so that mortal man may live forever.

If Christ is born a thousand times in Bethlehem, and not in you, you will remain lost.

On Christmas Eve, one likes to step out of the door and stand alone under the sky, just to feel how quiet it is, how everything holds its breath, waiting for the miracle.

God becomes a man so that people can become God's children.

The best way to start each day is: when you wake up, think if you can't make at least one person happy that day.

The message of Christmas: There is no greater power than love. It overcomes hatred like light overcomes darkness.

Christmas is God's call for love among people, for understanding and reconciliation, for peace and friendship.

Coming home - this is what the Child of Bethlehem wants to give to all who weep, watch and wander on this earth.