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Easter greetings with an Easter poem

red and white striped easter egg

Easter poems can be very beautiful text contributions in your Easter greetings. They are wonderful to read, sometimes to think about and very often to smile. Therefore, we have compiled some Easter greetings with a poem for you here. When creating your Easter card, you should first write the greeting text on a separate sheet of paper to test the space needed, then transfer your greetings to the Easter card. This way you will be able to send a very special Easter greeting to your loved ones.

Easter Greeting Templates with Poem

Easter, when the spring awakens,
every child rejoices and laughs,
because to this day celebration
there are colorful Easter eggs.

Dear Schmied family,

we wish you a happy and sunny Easter!

Warm greetings

Ramona and Helmuth

Under the tree in the green grass
sits a little Easter bunny!
Brushes the beard and sharpens the ear,
makes a little man, looks out.
Then jumps away with a leap
and a little cheeky sparrow
now looks, what is there.
And what is it? An Easter egg!

Dear Ulrich family!

A happy and sunny Easter and a lot of fun with the egg hunt wish

Natalie and Jonas

Happy holidays and have fun
on all the beautiful Easter days!
Enjoy the time to the fullest,
that I wanted to tell you today.

Dear Kunert family,

I wish you for Easter a peaceful and happy time!

Warm Easter greetings from

Rainer Ehrenbeck

Heartily I want to greet you for Easter
and the sun may laugh radiantly.
The rabbit lay at your feet
loud pleasant, pretty things.

Dear Tanja,

the very best greetings and wishes for Easter

from your


Colorful eggs, spring airs,
sunshine and the smell of roasting,
cheerful sense and holiday peace
be granted to you at Easter.

Dear Paula,

I wish you sunny and happy Easter holidays!

Warm Easter greetings


Colorful Easter flowers

More Easter poems for Easter greetings

Very many Easter poems are folk or by famous poets, but read for yourself:

Spring is coming far and wide,
and the bunnies are ready.
They bring to the Easter celebration
many colorfully painted Easter eggs.

The little Easter bunny comes,
nudges you with his little nose,
stands on his hind feet
and says you dear Easter greetings.

All know now in spring
chickens get competition.
Hares toil far and wide,
now it's Easter time again.

Chicks, flowers, Easter bunnies,
blowing out a shapely egg,
Easter plait and Easter lamb,
Christ, with whom everything began,
celebration in the family circle,
a little spring trip:
Yes, this is Easter!
We wish you the very best!

What's that hopping in the green grass?
My child, it's the Easter bunny,
He quickly hides egg after egg
and there's one for you too!

Easter bunnies, big and small,
romp around the meadow grove,
must dance, hop, laugh
and sometimes make little men.
Today we want to jump
and bring eggs to the children:
red, yellow, brown, gray,
colorful, green, sky-blue.
Nobody gets anything who sees us:
That's our bunny song.

The scholars and the priests
argue with much shouting,
what did God create first -
probably the hen, probably the egg!
Would that be so difficult to solve -
first an egg was conceived,
but because there was no chicken yet -
that's why the rabbit brought it!

It rustle and sound,
It smells and sings
The treetops in the grove,
The flowers on the hillside,
The brooks in the gorges,
The birds in the air:
The Lord is risen!

Why do you stand and weep
United around graves?
The victory is won,
Death is conquered,
The stone is lifted,
It sounds from above:
The Lord is risen!

Hey, yay! Come on!
Let's look for the Easter egg!
Always, here and there
and in every place!

No matter how well it is hidden.
Finally it is discovered.
Here an egg! There an egg!
Soon there are two and three.

From all the mountains down
a glow has awakened -
flaming spring fanale
through the Easter night!

From all towers together
it rings inland -
Heart, with bells and flames
Spring is breaking in!

The whole world, Lord Jesus Christ,
at Easter time is now joyful.

Now what can be green, is green,
the trees begin to blossom.

So now the birds sing all.
Now the nightingale sings and sounds.

The sunshine now comes in
And gives the world a new glow.

The whole world, Lord Jesus Christ,
at Easter time is now joyful.

From the minster mourning bells ring,
from the valley a rejoicing resounds up.
To the rest they sing there to the dead,
the larks rejoice: Wake up!
With earth they cover him quietly,
the green from all the graves breaks,
the streams stretch brightly through the land,
the forest speaks earnestly as in dreams,
and with the sounds, rejoicing, mourning,
as far as the land may look,
it is a deep spring shower
like a resurrection day.

From earth dust to pure blue airs
far the view penetrates in the first days of spring,
and higher rises the mighty sun chariot,
the earth longs for leaves and scents,
And sacred stories tell us then
What is foreseen in the crevices of the heart.
He is risen from the pits of death,
and how in vain was man's trembling,
Yes, so the world of heaven's gifts
with every year anew, the buds break,
and nothing is too sublime for our love,
She gives us everything in the streams of delight..,
that burrow through hall and eye for the entrance,
The most invisible wants to speak to the light.

Has, Has, Easter Has,
we don't want to wait any longer!
The crocus and the daisy,
forget-me-nots and tulips have been
have been in our garden for a long time.

Bunny, bunny, Easter bunny
with your colorful eggs!
The starling peeps out of the box,
Flowering catkins are sitting around his house;
when will you celebrate spring?

Has, Has, Easter Has,
I wish for the best!
A big egg, a small egg
and a funny dideldumdei,
all in one nest!

Yes, the winter was running out,
bright spring is coming,
Lovely swaying birch twigs,
and the red egg shines.

Shimmering church flags are waving
at the sound of the bells,
And on often trodden paths
the procession takes its course.

After the muffled funeral chorale
sounds the resurrection song,
and up in the heavenly ray
he who died on the cross floats.

Thus the most beautiful of the symbols
is the joyful Easter,
that man can get faith
when courage and strength leave him.

Every heart that is stricken with sorrow
feels itself blown through from the beginning,
that its longing and its hope
will rise again and again.