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Christmas greetings with a poem

silver Christmas tree with red star on top

Your Christmas poems in the Christmas greetings can be contemplative and Christian but also funny and witty. Depending on how well you know the recipient, you can trust your own feeling about which type of poem is more appropriate. You can take the introductory poem directly from us or take up the pen yourself. Surely you can think of some lines, perhaps even with a very personal content. Ideas for rhymed verses you will then also find on this page.

Christmas Poem Greeting Templates

Candlelight and Christmas lantern
brightly light up the Christmas.
Bells ring near and far,
Peace shall be on earth.

Dear Clara, dear Jacob!

We wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas!

Warm greetings

Antonia and Benjamin

He, the Lord of glory,
clothed himself in lowliness,
He will be our savior,
and free us from sin.

Dear Hansen family,

we wish you a Merry Christmas with your family!

Warm Christmas greetings

Jessica, Thomas and Moritz

I wish you for the Christmas days
contemplation and well-being
may also the New Year
be successful, as was the old!

Dear Diana, dear Maximilian!

For Christmas I wish you happy hours and good luck in the New Year.

The warmest Christmas greetings from

Theo Gärtner

Shining like a beautiful dream,
stands before us the Christmas tree.
Look how golden light
on the delicate baubles refracts.
"Merry Christmas" it sounds softly
And a star goes on its journey.
Shines brightly from the firmament
down on the whole world.

Dear Decker family,

we wish you a peaceful, quiet and happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas greetings

Janina, Marco, Nils and Amelie

The tree shines brightly with its lights,
Joy looks from the faces.
I take your warm hand,
kidnap you in my Christmas land.

Dear Lena,

I wish you a Merry Christmas and many sunny days next year.

1000 kisses

Your Emanuel

Nearly Christmas, how I look forward to it,
Mother's tree is shining brightly,
the apples are shining, the stars are twinkling,
how we all like Christmas.

Dear cousin Jutta,

I wish you and your family a merry, peaceful and contemplative Christmas.

Best regards

Michaela with family

Drawn Christmas tree

More Christmas poems

Read more Christmas poems here, we would be happy if the right poem for your Christmas greetings was included.

Time for love and feeling,
Today it's just staying cool outside.
Candlelight and the smell of cookies -
Christmas is in the air.

Beautiful songs and many a warm word,
deep longing and a quiet place.
Thoughts that sound full of love,
Christmas I want to spend only with you!

The year draws to a close
with the welcome Christmas rest.
And also you, it is no question,
deserves a few days of peace and quiet.

Hand nestles to hand in tight circle,
and the old song of God and Christ
quivers through souls and softly proclaims,
That the smallest world is the greatest.

Door and gates open,
there comes the children's rejoicing heap,
From doors and windows breaks
The warm light of candles.

With twinkling lights, cinnamon stars and punch
our Christmas dreams come true.
For you is our Christmas wish:
A Merry Christmas and Happiness in the New Year!

Contemplative peace, it shall lie over these days,
like white flakes on green branches,
we wish you a time full of love and peace,
happiness in the New Year and a Merry Christmas!

He, the Lord of Glory,
clothed in lowliness,
He will be our Savior,
and free us from sin.

Fir trees, ball, lights,
the scent of baked apple and happy faces.
Joy of giving - the heart becomes wide-
I wish you a Merry Christmas!

For every day a little bit of happiness,
health - a very big piece -
and laughter every hour or more,
that's what I wish you for Christmas.

Holy night, with a thousand candles
you solemnly ascend,
o, so go in our hearts,
Star of life, rise for us!

It's time for love and feeling,
only outside it remains really cool.
Candlelight and the smell of apples,
yes - Christmas is in the air.
We wish you many a happy hour
in a peaceful family circle.

Radiant like a beautiful dream,
the Christmas tree stands before us.
Look how golden light
on the delicate baubles.
"Merry Christmas" sounds softly
And a star goes on its journey.
Shines brightly from the firmament
down on the whole world.

When do you think it's Christmas time?
When it's snowing hard outside,
when we crack nuts,
when we bake cookies,
when we sing with our mother,
when all the bells are ringing,
when all the world rejoices,
yes, then it's Christmas time!

Christmas magic, Christmas scent is now in the air again!
Finally come to rest
and bask in the company of loved ones.
Making yourself comfortable at home,
also belongs to these beautiful Christmas things.
Enjoy this warm and homey flair
and dream that it would be so peaceful all over the world!

O beautiful, glorious Christmas time!
What joy and gladness you bring!
When the holy Christ in every house
distributes his dear gifts.

And if the little house is still so small,
the holy Christ comes in,
and all are dear to him as his own,
the poor and the rich, the great and the small.

The holy Christ thinks of all,
each one is given by him.
Therefore let us rejoice and be grateful!
He also thinks of us, mine and yours!

Now the Christmas candles are shining again
and awaken joy in all hearts.
Dear parents, in these days,
what shall we sing, what shall we say?
We want to wish you for the holy feast
the most beautiful of the beautiful, the best of the good!
We want to thank you for all gifts
and we want to love you even more.

Always a little light more
in the wreath that we have wound
that it shines for us so much
through the dark hours.

Two and three and then four!
Around the wreath what a glimmer,
and so we shine too,
and so the room shines.

And so the world
slowly towards Christmas.
And he who holds it in his hands
knows the blessing!