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Long Birthday Greeting Templates

red balloons in the shape of heart

Birthday greetings are an affair of the heart. They embellish the birthday child's day and symbolize appreciation and affection. A very special impression is left by longer birthday greetings that have been thoughtfully and handwritten on paper. If the person celebrating his or her birthday is very dear to you or you have not seen him or her for a long time, then a birthday greeting full of content is a nice gesture. We have some long birthday greetings ready for you for inspiration or as a sample text.

Sample texts for detailed birthday greetings

My dear Monika,

now it is here, your big day! Enjoy it with all the trimmings and let your loved ones spoil you! I wish you for your birthday a lot of happiness, a truckload full of satisfaction and heaps of health!

The warmest birthday greetings
Your Alfred

Dear Jens,

even if you don't like being the center of attention - today you are the star! After all, you don't have a birthday every day! So sit back and enjoy the undivided attention of your family and friends. We wish you good luck, good health and continued success for the future!

Your colleagues
Margret, Matthias, Rudi and Phillip

Happy Birthday!

For you, dear Monika, it should rain red roses today!

May many more miracles amaze you and many of your wishes come true. All this wishes you from the bottom of your heart your family ties

Mom, Dad and Leon

Dear Luke,

on your birthday I send you the dearest greetings and wish you from the bottom of my heart only the best! Too bad that I can not congratulate you personally this year. So feel strongly pressed by me! Enjoy your special day with all your senses and let it go well for you in the next 365 days.

Best wishes

26th Birthday!!!

Today is the birthday of a very special person - dear Miriam, that's you!

As a cheerful nature and good soul you enrich our lives. We are very happy to have you in our midst. Keep your humor and your cordiality and always stay healthy and lively.

That's what we wish you from the bottom of our hearts
Alina, Luisa and Denise

Today we celebrate until dawn!

Dear Franziska,

You don't turn 50 every day - and before age brings us to our knees, we want to celebrate your birthday once again! Keep your cheerfulness and your positive attitude to life. Then getting older is no problem at all!

All the best and love to you
Andrea and Florian

Dear Hendrik,

for your 20th birthday I wish you always
- a good friend at your side,
- a good idea in your head,
- enough money in your pockets
- and a lot of love in your heart!

With best regards from
Your godmother Celina

Hello dear birthday girl!

For your special day I would like to surprise you with a very dear greeting and the very best wishes! I hope the ravages of time have not yet gnawed too much on you and you enjoy the best of health. Have a wonderful day with your loved ones and enjoy the next 365 days.

See you soon and with best regards
Margot and Uwe

Hey Günther,

here come very warm birthday greetings from afar! I hope you spend a really nice day today and celebrate properly! I will also think of you and your family tonight and raise my glass in your honor. Stay clean and continue to take care of yourself!

All the best and see you soon
Your friend Ernst

Dear Eveline,

It seems to me as if it were only yesterday. Your first day at school, then your communion, your confirmation and years later your wedding! Today you are 40 years old. It's hard to believe how time flies. But for me it is very nice to see what a great woman you have become! Go on your way and stay as you are! I wish you for your birthday continued success, happiness and health.

With the dearest greetings from
your grandma

Birthday cupcakes with candles

More examples of long birthday greetings

From here you will find more texts for an original birthday greeting.

All the best wishes for your 43rd birthday:

365 days of happiness
52 weeks of health
12 months of happiness
and in any case
1 year full of joy of life!

There are not many valuable people like you in this world. You are like an anchor for me, a strong shoulder to lean on. Today, on your birthday, I would like to say "thank you" and make you happy with a very special gift.
For the coming year I wish you all the love, happiness, health and joy.

Dear Larissa,
Well - did you look for the first gray hair in front of the mirror this morning? Or did another little wrinkle sneak into your face? Don't be angry about it! Rather enjoy your day of honor and let yourself celebrate properly!
I wish you all the best for your birthday and continue to have fun and happiness in life!

Another year older - and we only started school yesterday, didn't we? It's hard to believe all the things we've already experienced together. So it's even nicer that we celebrate our birthdays together year after year. Today it's your turn to "grow older". Fortunately, as we all know, you are only as old as you feel.
So, all the best and good luck to the 29th wishes you your old buddy ...!

For your birthday I wish you with all my heart all, all the love and that all your wishes come true! I am looking forward to an especially beautiful day with you and will try to read your every wish from your lips. You are the best thing that happened to me in my life. Thank you that you exist for me!

Your scrutinizing glances in the mirror have not escaped me in recent days. Believe me - you are still the beautiful woman I married 18 years ago! The little wrinkles are traces of our life together, I love every single one of them. And the little aches and pains that plague us from time to time cannot spoil our beautiful life.
I wish you all the best for your birthday and look forward to a special day with you!

Today we want to celebrate you and spend many happy hours with you! Let work be work for once and set your mood barometer for a carefree evening. We wish you a great new year and much success in all things that you tackle!

I wish you all the best and love for your birthday! Have a magical day and enjoy all the nice things that may happen to you today. I think of you every second and am very much looking forward to tonight.

Welcome to the club of old farts!
Well, dear Hubert, now it has also caught you! Your head is balding, your belly is growing, your bones are crunching and your reading glasses are lying next to the newspaper! But don't worry - we'll get through it with you! A few glasses of beer and schnapps will certainly counteract the natural aging process! With this in mind, we want to cheer you up and offer our warmest congratulations on your birthday.
Your "old sacks" ...

When it's the best friend's birthday, no expense or effort is spared to make her day unforgettable! I hope I have succeeded! I wish you that all your wishes come true, that the future holds only beautiful things for you and that we go through life together as best friends for many, many years to come.

Did you know that men become more and more attractive with age? In any case, we think that you are a real specimen at 48! So don't be sad and celebrate life! We will support you energetically! Congratulations and all the best for your birthday wish you ...