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Father's Day Greeting Templates

I love daddy

On Father's Day, most fathers prefer to be among themselves. Nevertheless, you should not forget to think of them on this day and send them a nice greeting, with which you can also thank them for everything they have done for you. If you don't have an idea for a Father's Day greeting yet, you can have a look here and you will surely find a suitable greeting text.

Father's Day greeting examples

Dear Dad,

for Father's Day very best wishes and a nice day with your friends

Anna and Maximilian

Dear Dad,

I wish you a happy Father's Day and send you my love! It's nice that you exist!


Hello dad,

greetings for Father's Day! I wish you today a beautiful day in the circle of your friends and thank you for all your love!


Dear Dad!

You are really a great father, and today I want to say a special thank you for all your love!

Dearest Father's Day greetings from

Your Niklas

Dearest Dad!

With you I always feel safe and protected. Thank you for always taking such good care of me! Enjoy Father's Day and celebrate beautifully!

I hug you tightly

Your Daniela

Dear Dad,

Today on Father's Day it's high time to thank you for all your love. You really deserve a nice day, so enjoy it and do whatever you feel like!

Warm Father's Day greetings from
Emma and Leon

Dear Pops!

To the best dad you could ever wish for, I wish you a relaxing Father's Day today and lots of happiness and joy! Thank you so much for everything! You are just great and can not be replaced by anything or anyone!

1000 kisses
Your Sophia

Dear Dad!

Since I was born, you have always been there for me. You have shown and explained so much to me, and without you I would not be what I am now. Thank you for all that you have given me in life so far! Always be such a great dad and celebrate beautifully today!

Dear Father's Day greetings

Heart with hands

More texts for Father's Day greetings

You can find more greeting texts for your Father's Day greetings in the collection below:

Let it rip today on Father's Day, because such a great dad like you must be celebrated! You are always there when you are needed, but today you have time off and can do what you want. Have fun with it!

To have a father like you is a great luck! You do so much good for me, and I often appreciate it far too little. But today on Father's Day I would like to thank you very much and send you my love. Have a great day!

Have fun with your buddies and have a great Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day and thank you for all you do for me!

The best greetings for Father's Day, have fun celebrating and a great day
wishes ...

With you one always has a lot of fun! Stay as you are and let yourself celebrate today on Father's Day!

Today on Father's Day I want to tell you that I am very happy to have you as my dad. You are always in a good mood and ready for any fun. Thank you for everything!

Before you go out with your buddies, I would like to send you my warmest greetings and tell you that you are the best dad anyone could ever imagine!

You take such good care of your family and are always there when you are needed. Therefore, today on Father's Day, I want to say thank you very much for all your work and for your good father's heart.

Without you, nothing would work here. You just get everything in order and are the man of the house. Therefore, let yourself celebrate today and enjoy Father's Day!

Without you something would be missing in our family! You take care of everything and always have a good advice. Thank you very much for that, and today on Father's Day have fun with your friends!

Whether as a handyman, chauffeur or protector, you are simply irreplaceable in any situation! For this you deserve a reward, so make yourself a nice day with your friends today and recharge your batteries for the many tasks that await you. Best wishes and Happy Father's Day!

One can only wish for a father like you! One can simply rely on you, and even for the biggest problem you still find a solution. Therefore, today on Father's Day I would like to send you very dear greetings and wish you a nice day.

Even though you rarely hear a word of thanks, I appreciate your love and all the work you do. But today, on Father's Day, I want to thank you specifically and tell you that I am very happy to have a father like you.

Child with dungarees