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Long Easter Greeting Templates

red and white striped easter egg

When Easter approaches, it's high time to send Easter greetings to friends and relatives. The right card with a beautiful motif is certainly found quickly, and then only a creative greeting is missing, with which you wish your loved ones a happy Easter. If you don't have a good idea for an Easter greeting yourself, you can find a colorful selection of Easter greeting texts here.

Sample texts for longer Easter greetings

Dear Reimer family,

we wish you a happy Easter, warm spring sunshine and wonderful holidays with plenty of time to celebrate and relax!

Warm Easter greetings from

Alexandra, Robert and Thomas

Dearest Cora,

I send you warm greetings for Easter and wish you sunny holidays and much joy in your heart.

The very warmest Easter greetings from your friend


Dear Paula, dear Manuel!

We wish you a happy and blessed Easter, many colorful eggs and relaxing holidays!

Warm Easter greetings

Bianca, Henrik and Laura

Hello Jürgen,

greetings for Easter! Enjoy the holidays, enjoy the awakening nature and recover well from work stress!

All love


Dear family Fuchs,

Winter is finally over, the days are getting longer. New life awakens and the world becomes colorful and warm again. Enjoy the Easter holidays, let yourself be spoiled by the sun and enjoy the spring.

Warm greetings

Anne, Volker, Jan and Melina

Dear Sylvia,

for Easter I wish you a lot of time to enjoy the spring. May many colorful flowers bloom for you and the warming rays of the sun please you. Enjoy the holidays!

Happy Easter and happy holidays wishes you


Dear Matthes family,

I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a pleasant time in the company of dear people. Use the days off to really switch off and let your soul dangle. Add to that a delicious meal and the warm rays of the spring sun - what more could you want?

Wishing you a happy Easter with lots of sunshine

Gabi Hufnagel

Easter flowers with Easter eggs

More Detailed Easter Greeting Templates

Below you will find more sample texts for the somewhat longer Easter greeting.

Restful and happy Easter holidays I wish you! Enjoy life, celebrate beautifully and recover well!

At Easter we celebrate the new life. So I wish you happy holidays and a good start into spring!

The sun is getting warmer, the first flowers are blooming and the Easter Bunny has already hidden many eggs. Have fun searching and happy Easter!

Easter is the celebration of life, and so I wish you for every day much joy in life. Enjoy the holidays and let yourself be pampered by the sun!

I wish you happy holidays and a happy Easter! Switch off from everyday stress and let the Easter Bunny give you colorful eggs.

For the Easter holidays I wanted to get in touch again and send very warm greetings! Spring is just around the corner, and so I wish you many sunny days and a relaxing Easter.

The apartment is decorated, the Easter eggs are colored and the food is prepared. Now only a dear Easter greeting to you is missing, and then the great celebration can come. Happy Easter and happy holidays! The very best greetings from ...

Hallelujah! Christ is risen! He has conquered death and gives us new life! The blossoming of nature gives us a glimpse of this. So I wish you a happy and blessed Easter and peaceful holidays!
With kind regards ...

I wish you with all my heart a happy and joyful Easter! Take time for yourself, let the spring sun tickle your nose and relax. I think of you and wish you happy holidays.

Easter represents the victory of life over death. Nature awakens, new life emerges, and the world shines in new splendor. May your heart also blossom again and again and enjoy warming rays of sunshine and many colorful flowers. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter and happy holidays! Let the spring air blow around your nose, use the days off for long walks in nature and enjoy the fragrant flowers. Maybe you will even meet the Easter Bunny or find some colorful eggs. In any case, I wish you happy days and send warm greetings!

The first flowers are blooming, the sun is getting warmer and colorful eggs are hiding among the fresh greenery. Since Easter can not be far away, and so I send you very dear Easter greetings and wish you happy holidays! Let the sun shine in your face and recover well! I think of you!

Funny & Witty Greetings For Easter

Wishing you an Easter filled with egg-foaming fun! May your day be filled with chicken arts, chocolate overload and lots of crazy Easter egg hunts!

Have you heard? The Easter Bunny has decided to hold an egg eliminator tournament this year. I hope you are ready for the competition! Happy Easter and good luck with the egg cracking!

I wish you an egg-risant and egg-stravagant Easter! May your Easter eggs never get lost and your chocolate never melt!

Have you heard the rumor? The Easter Bunny has gotten a promotion to Ei-nstein! Happy Easter and may your Easter egg hunting skills reach astronomical heights this year!

I wish you an Easter full of crazy chickens, dancing bunnies and magic chocolate! Enjoy the funny moments and let yourself be infected by the happy Easter mood.

Watch out, the Easter Bunny has upgraded his EiPhone and is looking for the best hiding places! Can you beat him? Happy Easter and have fun with the egg hunt!

This year, the Easter Bunny has decided to give up his sledding career and take off as an egg-steroid bunny! Be ready for explosive Easter eggs and lots of fun!

The Easter Bunny has revealed to me that he has developed a secret formula for the perfect Easter egg. May your Easter be filled with magical egg permutations and fun surprises!

Wishing you an Easter as fun and colorful as a chocolate rainbow! May your Easter be full of joy, fun and enough chocolate to supply a whole fair!

Do you hear that? That's the Easter Bunny giggling with laughter! I wish you an Easter full of funny moments, wiggling chickens and chocolate smeared faces. Happy Easter!