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Funny birthday greetings

red balloons in the shape of heart

Whether old or young, almost everyone celebrates their birthday. Men more relaxed than women, who from a certain age only celebrate round birthdays - and these several years in a row. A birthday greeting is always well received, because the congratulations convey to the birthday boy, someone thinks of you! If the congratulations are addressed to a relative, friend, acquaintance or work colleague, a funny birthday greeting can be used without fear of putting one's foot in one's mouth. Congratulations to superiors or business partners should be formulated neutrally.

Birthday greetings with joke

Birthday greetings to good friends or family who can take a joke.

Good morning my old man!

I hope that the letter carrier has not rung you out of bed with my birthday greeting, because in old age you need your sleep.

Just kidding!

I wish you all the best for your 44th birthday

Hip, hip and hooray!

Stop - don't jump up, at your age you should take care of your back.

We wish you all the best for your 38th birthday!

Your buddies
Marcel, Sven and Sascha

Dear Sonja!

You have now reached the metal age: gold in your teeth, silver in your hair and lead in your feet.

Warm birthday greetings from

Dear Felix,

if anyone calls you old, just hit him with your stick and throw the bit after him!

Dear birthday greetings from
Tanja, Steffen and Moritz

Dear Elisabeth!

All the best for your birthday - how old are you today? I always have my difficulties with large numbers.


Dear Arnold,

congratulations on your 48th birthday!

Don't worry about your age, because what do you have to lose when you get older? Well - the figure, the hearing, the hair, the memory, the sexual activity ...

All the best
Simone, Christian, Alex and Kai

Hi Julian!

Birthday? Again? You just had one! Did we really need 364 days to recover from your party?

All the best, old house and best wishes from
Viola, Ben and Daniel

In the kitchen? In the bathroom? On the desk? By the fireplace? At 42, it's quite an achievement to remember where the car key was last!

Dear Gabi,

we wish you all the best for your birthday! Stay as happy and healthy as you are today!

Best wishes
Nora and Katja

Dear Michaela,

You think you're special because it's your birthday today?
Nonsense, you are something special every day!

Many dear birthday greetings from
Helga, Tonja and Martina

Hello Berthold,

Charm, style and a great age - at least one of them you have achieved today!

Congratulations on your 42nd birthday
Manuela, Silke and Johann

Dear John!

Do you see in the meantime also the first wrinkles,
you do not belong in your age yet to the old ones.

Dear birthday greetings from
Hanna and Thomas

Dear Ute,

intelligent - funny - charming - sexy and also still birthday! You are really to envy!

Best wishes for your birthday from your work colleagues
Anja, Nina and Doris

Dear birthday girl!

You don't have to be afraid of getting older - you can dye gray hair!

For your birthday I wish you much happiness, contentment and health!

Your friend

Dear Irmgard,

remember: "You only get old when the candles on the birthday cake cost more than the cake itself!"

Best wishes to your young 54'er!
Beate and Peter

You don't get older, you get better! Happy Birthday!

The warmest birthday greetings from
Leonie, Lars and Paul

Dear Birthday Person,
you are now officially old enough to classify the candles on your cake as a fire hazard. Happy birthday!

Hello party animal!

I hope you celebrate your birthday so wildly that the neighbors call the police. Have fun and all the best

Hey birthday star,
you're turning a year older today, but hey, you can now claim to have experience - even if it's just finding the remote!

Good morning, birthday cupcake!

Let's celebrate as if you're not getting older, but instead being leapfrogged by a younger version.
Happy Birthday!

Dear Birthday Friend,
I've heard that with age the memory goes. Don't worry, I will tell you next year how you celebrated your birthday.
All the best!

Hello Anniversary Man!
Remember that you're not getting older, you're just evolving like a fine wine. Cheers to you!

Good day, birthday darling!
You're at an age now where hangovers don't come from a party, they just show up. Celebrate nicely

Hey Party King,
I wish you a birthday so fantastic that your cake will end up being celebrated not only by you, but also by gravity. All the best!

Dear Birthday Champion,

you are like a cactus - the older you get, the pricklier you become. But hey, that just makes you unique!

Happy birthday!

Hello Birthday Wizard,

you're now at the age where you have so many candles on your cake that it could become a small forest fire. But don't worry, I have the fire extinguishers ready!

Have a great party and stay safe!

Good afternoon, birthday phenomenon!
You are now officially so old that when you blow out the candles, you should get lung function insurance.
Happy Birthday!

Hello Birthday Rockstar!

I hope you celebrate so wildly today that even your neighbor's parrot starts screaming "Happy Birthday".

Have fun and all the best!

Dear Birthday Pro,
you're getting older today, but don't worry - you're still younger than the latest app on your smartphone!
Happy Birthday!

Hey Jubilee Birthday Girl,
you're now at an age where the only rock music you hear comes from the rocking chair. Celebrate nicely and don't forget to give the hearing aid batteries an extra boost!

Good morning, birthday champion!

You've reached another milestone today: not only do you need glasses to read, but also to recognize your own birth date.

All the love!

Hello Birthday Expert!

You're so old now that even your birthday candles need their own fire extinguisher safety briefing.

Happy birthday!

Hey Birthday Miracle,

you're getting older today, but rest assured - you're still younger than your parents' first smartphone!

Celebrate the day and don't let technology overtake you!

Good day birthday clown!

You're at an age now where you don't have to fret about gray hair anymore - be proud that you're lighting up the world with your own silver shine.

Happy Birthday!

Dear Birthday Champion,

you are like a good wine - you get better with every year. But be careful that you don't get so old that you have to be locked in the cellar and called "vintage"!

All the best!

Hello Birthday Virtuoso,

I wish you a day full of fun and laughter, because that's the best thing you can do to forget about aging - at least until the next morning!

Happy Birthday!