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Sample texts for Father's Day greetings

I love daddy

The father also has his feast day. Father's Day is celebrated on Ascension Day, exactly 40 days after Easter. On this day, some men set out to go hiking with friends. Of course, they also stop in afterwards and celebrate Father's Day. But many fathers also spend the holiday with their families and let their loved ones spoil them. Who wants to surprise its dad correctly, which should put to the gift a greeting card. On the next pages you will find short and long sample texts for Father's Day greetings. Furthermore, we have provided you with a collection of greetings with a saying or poem.

Father's Day greetings

Our Father's Day greeting templates include thank you and love to dad. The greeting messages are written in such a way that they can be directly transferred to a greeting card. But you can also collect ideas for your own greeting text and surprise your dad with it.

Hello dad,
you are the best father in the world! Celebrate today beautifully and enjoy the day!

Love, love greetings

Your Nicole

Dear Dad!
You are always there for me, and even in hard times you stand behind me. Thank you for that and all the best for Father's Day!

Your Lars

Danke Papa

Father's Day greetings with a saying or poem

A saying or a poem can be a very nice introduction for your Father's Day greetings. For this purpose, we have created greeting templates for you that contain a Father's Day saying or a Father's Day poem. We would be happy if you find the right Father's Day greeting with us.

"It is not flesh and blood, but the heart that makes us fathers."

Dear Dad,

Thank you for having such a big heart!

I love you!

Your Mirko

There are so many fathers on earth here.
But one is the best, and he is mine.

Dear Dad,

congratulations on Father's Day!

Give yourself a big hug

Your Lotte

Child with soccer