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Sample texts for Easter greetings

red and white striped easter egg

Easter promises a new beginning. Jesus is risen and the Christian world celebrates the highest festival in the church year. But also nature becomes greener and more colorful and spring promises the first warm rays of sunshine. This feeling of a new beginning should be incorporated into your Easter greetings, colorful Easter cards and cheerful greetings quickly forget the long winter. Who still has no suitable Easter greeting at hand, will certainly find it with us!

Short Easter greetings

If Easter and spring awakening moves you to a spontaneous Easter greeting, then you will surely find it quickly on our page with short Easter greetings. The greetings contain short Easter and spring wishes for your loved ones.

Dear Claudia,

I wish you a relaxing and happy Easter holiday and good luck with your egg hunt!

Warm Easter greetings from


Dear Gehl family,

we wish you all a happy and relaxing Easter.

The very best greetings from

Juliane, Dirk, Kim and Robin

green easter nest with 3 colorful easter eggs

Long Easter greetings

Long and detailed Easter greetings are sent to someone very special. Maybe you want to surprise your parents, grandparents or best friends? If you still need ideas and inspiration for the Easter greeting, we can help you with our somewhat longer Easter greetings. You will find suitable words for Easter and spring, so your greeting will contain Christian and upbeat lines.

Dear Bernhard,

I wish you a happy Easter holiday! Enjoy the days off, let the warm spring sun shine in your face and recover well in the circle of your family!

Best regards


Dear Sander family!

At Easter, nature awakens to new life, everything begins to bloom and green. So I wish you many warm rays of sunshine on your skin and in your heart, as well as happy holidays and a joyful celebration with colorful spring flowers.

Warm Easter greetings

Ines, Hans and Erik

Easter greetings with an Easter saying

Sayings, quotes and wisdom can lighten up your Easter greetings or serve as a hook for your greeting text. If you have not yet found the right Easter saying, we can help you on the next page. We have prepared for you Christian and contemplative Easter sayings, with them your greeting message for Easter will certainly be a successful surprise.

"Easter is the victory feast of eternal life."

Dear Lange family,

we wish you a blessed and happy Easter!

Warm greetings

Leonie, Anton, Ben and Lina

"The true meaning of Easter was shown to us by the Lord: love, hope and forgiveness!"

Dear Mader family!

We wish you peaceful, contemplative and happy Easter holidays.

Warm greetings

Carola and Markus Stadler

Easter eggs with tulips

Easter greetings with an Easter poem

Easter poems can be Christian or contemplative. But there are also funny and witty poems about the joyful and colorful Easter season. Each is perfect for an unusual Easter greeting. At "Greetings for the Feast" you will find both variants of Easter poems and, of course, we have created different greeting texts for them.

Easter, Easter, Resurrection.
Soft and gentle the airs blow.
Bright and happy the bells resound:
Easter happiness to all people!

Dear family Perl,

we wish you a wonderful Easter with many happy and peaceful hours!

Warm greetings

Sabrina and Kurt

Here comes a dear Easter greeting from me,
the Easter Bunny brings it quickly to you,
plus many colorful eggs
and a beautiful Easter celebration.
Rejoice in the nature,
because that is pure Easter joy!

Dearest Hanna,

I wish you from the bottom of my heart a wonderful Easter!

Love greetings


Easter bunny with flowers

The Easter card for Easter greetings

In today's age of fast Internet and constant connection via cell phone and smartphone, it is not difficult to stay in touch with family and friends. But a charming greeting card for Easter will please young and old, whether it is placed with a nice gift or sent separately. The special look of such a card can contain pretty spring motifs or charming symbols from Easter customs. Provided with a personal text, which should be selected depending on the contact person, a joyful smile will certainly be conjured up on the lips of the recipient. The card may also be quietly designed yourself, for which, however, a little talent is required. However, many suggestions and ideas can also be read on the Internet and easily copied, such as the following tips.

The appearance of the card
. It should preferably be two-sided to unfold, with the nicely worded Easter greeting written on the inside. On the front is the colorful motif, such as the droll Easter bunny, a nest of colorful Easter eggs, cute little chicks or colorful spring flowers. On this, an imprinted text could already wish "Happy Easter!". In the inner part of the card follows the text written by hand, regardless of whether a greeting is already printed on the front or not.

The envelope
. A beautiful envelope matching the card may be provided with pleasure with own Easter motifs, which can consist of small adhesive pictures or ornaments drawn with colored pencil.
A personal Easter greeting lovingly designed in this way finds favor everywhere and proves the efforts to cohesion in the family, friends and acquaintances.