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Short Birthday Greeting Templates

red balloons in the shape of heart

It doesn't always take many words to send birthday greetings to someone. Even in the short version birthday greetings are well received and signal: I am thinking of you! In combination with an original saying card, short, handwritten birthday greetings are appropriate in any case. Even if the wishes are passed on personally to the celebrant, the well-wisher may be brief in the birthday card. If you are looking for short and crisp birthday greetings, we have a great selection for you below.

Examples of short birthday greetings

Dear Horst,

I wish you all the best for your birthday!

Love greetings

Dear Christian,

to your 20th birthday the warmest greetings

Manuela, Lothar and Hans

Dear Birthday Girl,

we wish you a happy birthday. Stay as you are!

Best wishes
Grandma and grandpa

Dear Carina,

I wish you all the best and love for your
16th birthday!

Best wishes
Aunt Ulrike

Dear Andrea,

a thousand dear greetings for your birthday celebration
Your Thomas

Dear Florian,

I would like to congratulate you on your 18th birthday.

The very dearest greetings

Hello Bernd,

to the 25th birthday the best congratulations

from your buddies
Jochen, Timo and Sven

Dear Friederike,

the very best wishes and greetings for your birthday are sent to you by

Your colleagues
Inge, Paula and Gabi

Hello Anna!

Love, happiness and cheerfulness shall always accompany you.

Congratulations on your 28th birthday

Dear Otto!

Best wishes for your jubilee and good luck and health from

Your hiking friends
Renate, Ida, Herbert and Hans

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More sample texts for short birthday greetings

Above we have provided you ready birthday greeting cards. Here you will find more greetings with which you can design your birthday card. We have omitted salutation and conclusion.

Congratulations on your birthday!

Happy 25th Birthday!

For your birthday the warmest greetings!

Greetings for the 30th birthday from ...

I congratulate you very much on your birthday.

The dearest birthday greetings sends ...

I send a thousand kisses for your birthday.

I wish you happiness and health on your birthday.

For your birthday today I wish you happiness, health and cheerfulness.

Happy birthday, I wish you all the happiness in the world!

For the new year of your life I wish you much happiness, health and joy. Warm greetings from ...

Best wishes for your birthday. For the coming year I wish you much sunshine!