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Sample texts for the Christmas greetings

silver Christmas tree with red star on top

Christmas, the festival of love! Express your joy about the coming Christmas in words and send Christmas greetings to your loved ones, friends and relatives or business partners. We have gladly created suitable Christmas greetings for you on Greetings for the Feast. You will find here numerous sample texts and templates for private but also business Christmas greetings.

Short Christmas greetings

With the short Christmas greeting you show friends and acquaintances that you think of them at Christmas. And: Brevity is often the spice of life! If you would like to send your Christmas greetings according to this motto, you will find numerous greeting texts for your Christmas card on the following page.

Dear Kaufmann family,

we wish you happy holidays!

Best regards
Tanja and Franz Müller

Dear Julia, dear Manuel!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and relaxing holidays.

The very best greetings

Long Christmas greetings

If you are looking for a longer, more detailed and personal Christmas text for the greeting card, this page is for you. We have published here Christmas greetings with which you will surely surprise your loved ones.

Dear Neumann family,

it is said: at Christmas time wishes come true! Therefore, we wish you happiness, contentment and health and a happy new year!

Dear Christmas greetings from
Sonja and Timo

Dear Lorenz family!

Do you already smell the sweet fragrance? Do you already see the glow of the lights? Do you hear the Christmas bells ringing? Then, yes then, the wonderful Christmas season has come for you too!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Ute, Paul and Max

Christmas tree with gifts under it

Christmas greetings with a saying

This year send your Christmas greetings with a saying. Christmas sayings can be contemplative, romantic or funny, completely adapted to the addressee of your Christmas mail. A saying awakens beautiful feelings, makes you think, brings up inner images. With a Christmas saying your Christmas greeting gets a very personal touch.

"The message of Christmas:
There is no greater power than love.
It overcomes hatred as light overcomes darkness."

Dear Barbara, dear Reinhard!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Warm greetings
Susanne, Martin, Felix and Lea

"God's Christmas world is full of messengers,
and some are on their way to you!"

Dear Elke,

I wish you a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

The very best greetings

Christmas greetings with a poem

Send wonderful Christmas greetings with a poem! Whether romantic or funny, whether an expression of a peaceful snowy landscape or a Christmas atmosphere - a poem in the Christmas card is always highly appreciated by the reader. Matching your pre-Christmas mood, you can choose your own personal Christmas poem on the next page and add a greeting.

Let the bells ring,
let the flutes sing,
let the joy awake,
open door and gate,
let the child come in
with the bright shine.

Dear family Wagenbauer,

we wish you a Merry Christmas and relaxing holidays!
Tina, Hubert and Simon

Deeply covered with snow lies field and forest.
Heil'ge Christmas is coming soon!
Candle scent and Christmas tree,
this time is like a dream!
God has given us this feast
because he thinks of us very often.

Dear Ute, dear Ludwig,

we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year!

Verena and Armin

Golden chrism tree ball

Business Christmas greetings

No more stress with business Christmas greetings! Relax and choose from our wide range of business Christmas greetings the individual sample text for your business partners and customers, so that there is some variation in your Christmas greetings! Individual, beautiful, contemplative, with thanks or simply with good wishes ...

Dear Mr. Weber,

we would like to thank you for the very good cooperation and wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year.

Best regards
Gottfried Berger

Dear team of the company ...!

At the end of the old year we would like to thank you for your trust and always very good cooperation.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and good luck and success for the coming year.

The management of the company ...
Manfred Urban

Child with Santa Claus clothes

The Christmas card and greetings included

A beautifully designed Christmas card with greetings for the holiday pleases many people. There are many possibilities for the selection and design of the cards as well as the wording of the Christmas greetings; let yourself be inspired!

The agony of choice: buy or do it yourself?
In the trade and at Christmas markets, you can find a wide selection of beautiful motifs in the run-up to Christmas, often already with a color-matching envelope. A good idea for those in a hurry, because here only the Christmas greetings need to be entered; a self-painted picture on the inside of the card or a pasted photo beautify the purchased Christmas card and make it an individual gift.
In the craft supplies you can get colorful clay paper, with which Christmas cards can also tinker and decorate yourself. With the help of scissors, glue and decorative elements such as motif punches, glitter, metallic pencils, stickers or natural materials such as moss, straw (for example, to make straw stars), pine needles, etc. can create beautiful, individually designed cards. Children are also happy to help out and make their own Christmas cards for friends and relatives.

The appearance of the Christmas card
. In addition to the classic Christmas motifs such as Christmas trees, stars, angels or sleighs with gifts, popular motifs also include nature motifs, for example, a wintry forest landscape, snowflakes, deer, reindeer or even a nativity scene motif.
When designing homemade Christmas greetings, metallic tones such as gold, silver or bronze make for a festive look, but also the combination of red, green and a beige tone brings Christmas flair. Glued-on silver beads from the craft store, for example, decorate a green fir tree made of clay paper against a beige background; colorful gift packages on a brown sleigh or a classic noble design of silver stars against a gold background are just a small selection of design options.

Beautiful Christmas greetings
. On the inside of the Christmas card are usually the Christmas greetings. These are best written in curved, but legible handwriting and in a noble color, for example, with a gold felt-tip pen. After the appropriate salutation (with family members, friends and acquaintances e.g. "Dear Aunt Rosa", "Hello dear Bernd", etc.; with business partners rather "Dear Mr. Müller") one writes usually some short introductory lines, in which one thanks e.g. with business partners for the good co-operation in the past year, with friends and family members one can refer for example also to together experienced good or also bad times.
. This is followed by the Christmas greetings. Suggested formulations would be, for example, "A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wishes/wishes...", "Merry Christmas greetings and a Happy New Year sends/send you...", "For Christmas the best wishes and relaxing holidays from...", etc.
The closing formula again depends on the type of salutation; from "Yours sincerely" in the case of business partners to "Best regards, yours/your..." in the case of family or friends, many variations are conceivable.
Do you have children, so they are certainly happy if they may sign on the card with; also with the recipient of the Christmas greetings this is usually very well received.