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Father's Day greetings with a saying or poem

I love daddy

You want to present a very unusual greeting card for Father's Day? Then you are exactly right on this page! We have created Father's Day greetings for you, in which a saying or a poem serves as an introduction. These greetings stand out from other greeting texts because of the special words of famous personalities or poetic verses. If you want to take up the pen yourself and create your own Father's Day poem, you are sure to find the right template and idea here.

Father's day greetings with a saying

"Anyone can be a father. But only very special people are dads."

Dear Dad,

You are the best father in the whole world!

1000 kisses


"The path of the father will one day be followed by the child."

Dear Dad,

The way you showed me is a good way! Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Let me hug you

Your Robert

"Your Father knows what you need before you ask him."

Dear Pops,

we would like to say thank you today. Thank you for your love, for your patience and for always being there for us!

Dear Father's Day greetings

Ilse and Bernd

"A loving father who waits and is concerned, who counsels and shares, is among the greatest gifts God can give us."

Dear Dad,

With you I have received the greatest gift from God!

The very dearest greetings from

Your Heidi

"When you become a father, you also make a commitment to be Muhammad Ali, Albert Einstein and David Copperfield."

Dear Dad,

You are my real superhero! I love you very much!

Love, love Father's Day greetings


"Home is not a place. Home is a feeling."

Dear Dad!

Thank you for giving me home!

All love


red wool heart

More Sayings And Quotes For Father's Day Greeting

If you haven't found the right Father's Day saying above, then please read on here.

A happy childhood is surely the best gift a father can give.

Two things children should get from their parents: Roots and wings.

Children who love become adults who love.

The father's efficiency is the best teacher of his children.

My father continued to speak to me in a low voice. This is how our people always talk to their children, so quietly and calmly, to the child it is as if he is dreaming. But he never forgets.

If God gives you a son, be his master until ten years, his father until twenty years, and his friend from then on.

Super Dad

Father's day greetings with a poem

Dear dad, today is your honor day
and I want to tell you how much I like you.
I wish you for this celebration,
from the bottom of my heart only the very best!

Hello Dad,

I want to thank you for bringing a smile to my lips at all times!

All love

Your Frank

Let yourself today with everything beautiful,
as you deserve it, spoil.
And we wish you, not only today,
everything that pleases your heart.

Dear Dad,

we wish you Happy Father's Day!

Love, love greetings

Fiona and Aaron

My dad, who can do anything,
is the strongest man for me.
He can carry me on his shoulders
And chase with me over the meadow.
He can fix broken toys,
and tell me many stories.
In thanks for everything I give you
a big kiss from me!

Dear Dad,

You are the greatest for me!

1000 love kisses


More father's day poems

We are happy to list more Father's Day poems for you here.

Dear dad, listen carefully,
You are the best daddy!

My dad is my favorite teddy bear
and I love him very much for that.

What the earth knows that is beautiful,
what she calls sweet and lovely,
what it believes high and holy,
does not reach the Father's head.

I want to congratulate you today
and not lose many words,
but just to tell you on Father's Day,
that I like you very much, on all days!

When I need you, you are here.
You give me your love!
Your tips are so wonderful.
Father is the best, that's for sure!

Father's Day!
On a very special day,
a very special greeting
to a very special person,
whom I hold especially close to my heart.
Our dad, what a luck
is our best piece.
Always happy and cheerful,
plays hopper with us.
I want to give him a little kiss.
Long live our daddy!