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Sample texts for Mother's Day greetings

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Mother's Day, which takes place on the second Sunday in May, is a very special occasion to thank his mother for her work and efforts. A suitable greeting card should not be missing. If you have problems with the formulation of your Mother's Day greetings, we will be happy to help you on the next pages. You will find a collection of wonderful greetings as well as sayings, quotes and poems for this special celebration in honor of mother. You are welcome to use the sample texts for Mother's Day greetings or use them as a template for your own idea. Your sensitive greeting will surprise your mother in any case!

Mother's Day greetings

Our Mother's Day greetings include a salutation, a greeting text and a closing formula. So you can take your greeting to the mother directly or choose a combination of the individual text modules. We have taken care in the greeting message to express love and thanks to the mother. Just visit our page with formulated Mother's Day greetings and surprise so with a unique Mother's Day card.

Dearest Mom,

You are always there for me and give me new strength at any time - THANK YOU!!!

I love you infinitely!

Your Martina

Dear Mom,

on Mother's Day I just want to say thank you! For all your love, for every good word and for every smile that you so often conjure up on my face.

You are the best mom in the world!

Your Holger

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Mother's Day greetings with a saying or poem

A greeting card for Mother's Day can begin with a saying, quote or poem. Numerous personalities and poets have put on paper their thanks to the mother with very contemplative words. We may present you here a selection of the most beautiful wisdom and verses. Of course, we have embedded them in a greeting message, so you can use this form of Mother's Day greeting very easily for yourself.

"Because God could not be everywhere, He created the mother."

Dearest Mom,

You are the best mother anyone could ever imagine!

Thank you so much for everything

Your Karina

Only a mother alone knows
what it means to love and be happy.

Dear Mom,

Thank you for always being there for me!

Warm Mother's Day greetings

Yours Eva

Children with flowers

The greeting card for Mother's Day greetings

Mothers around the world are happy to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a few warm greetings on Mother's Day. Small and large well-wishers gladly give a gift for Mother's Day. Because a mother exists for all people only once. Therefore, not only on Mother's Day, mom or mommy is a particularly important person in the life of every person. But on Mother's Day, every mother is the main person of the day. There are many visually appealing Mother's Day greeting cards that are a dear Mother's Day greeting both delivered in person and by mail.

Mother's Day greeting card motifs
. One of the most common motifs on a greeting card for Mother's Day are flowers. These flowers can be found on the cards in all variations. Roses in all shades of color, which are considered the noblest flowers in the world, are the most common type of flowers for Mother's Day greetings worldwide. The motif of roses is followed by colorful bouquets. Colorful and lush is the motto on Mother's Day, not only for the real bouquets but also on the cards. Less common are motifs with playing children or pure greeting texts on a light background. A new trend are fantasy motifs in current colors and reprints of famous paintings and images of other works of art. Therefore, a Mother's Day card is also good to make yourself with photos and colorful cardboard.

The greeting text
. The text of Mother's Day greetings is also more and more often freely formulated. Because an individual greeting for Mother's Day, which reminds of a beautiful incident, is the most personal form of greeting. But even the standard texts on the greeting cards for sale are nicely formulated. Common are phrases such as "To the dear mother on Mother's Day the best greetings" or "For the best mom in the whole world a greeting on her feast day". Also the phrases "A greeting for Mother's Day for our dearest mom" and "For Mother's Day from afar a dear greeting for the best mother of all" are often found on the pre-printed Mother's Day cards. In the inner part of the greeting cards, the children again use their imagination to formulate the greetings. The wording, which is added to the card by hand, can follow on from the pre-printed text or be written independently of it. The connection to the pre-printed text is often short and usually reads "sends you your loving child" or "wish you your children".
However, if you need help with the wording of Mother's Day greetings, our site is the right place for you. We show you a collection of ready-made greetings that you can easily adopt or get ideas from.

Closing formula in Mother's Day greetings
. In many personal Mother's Day cards, the grandchildren also sign for their grandmother along with the children. The closing formula may quietly read "All the love from your children" to emphasize the thanks for many years.