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Birthday greetings with a poem

red balloons in the shape of heart

Birthday poems are popular with young and old alike. Depending on the content, the rhymed verses conjure up a mischievous or enchanted smile on the lips and are therefore the perfect introduction for heartfelt birthday greetings. Whether you choose to use a well-known poem by a renowned poet or try your hand at poetry yourself is entirely up to you. Below you will find some selected poems for your birthday greetings, with which you can bring joy to birthday children of all ages.

Greetings with a birthday poem

He who grins three times in the morning sober,
when it rains, does not frown,
and in the evening laughs that all resounds,
will be over 100 years old!

Dear Norbert,

for your 55th birthday I would like to wish you all the best and love

Your friend Ute

Walk through joyful and cheerful
Your life year after year.
Happiness be your companion,
Your sky eternally clear!

Dear Regina,

we wish you for the new year of life much sunshine!

Warm greetings
Daniela and Mario

Three angels may accompany you
in all your life time;
and the three angels I mean
are: Cheerfulness, happiness, contentment.

Dear Gisela,

the warmest birthday greetings send you

Carmen, Ilona and Ingrid

Not long will I choose my wishes,
modestly I wish two things:
Fifty more such days you shall count
and I'll be there every time!

Take everything with joy and zest,
then you will stay young at heart.
Contentment and happiness on earth,
are the recipe to become ancient.

Dear Gudrun,

always stay as cheerful and fit as you are today!
That wish you with all my heart

Your hiking friends

Gitta, Margret, Willi and Anton

We wish you for your cradle birthday
all the best from the bottom of our hearts.
And also - that is quite clear:
A beautiful new year of life!!!

Dear Adam,

to your birthday the warmest congratulations!

Agnes and Reihnhold

Short and long birthday poems

You can find more birthday poems for birthday greetings here.

Sorrow, be lame! Worry, be blind!
Long live the birthday boy!

A short poem for your birthday:
You are 50 today - I am not yet.

In a nutshell, my wish is small:
May you always be happy!

We all know what we have in you,
even if we don't always say it.
But what would we be without you,
Don't forget, we need you.

To be content is a great art,
to seem content is just a haze,
to become content is great happiness,
to remain content is a masterpiece.

He who rejoices and laughs every day
and wakes up happy every morning
and in the evening drinks his glass empty,
will live to be 100 years old and more.

There comes the colorful bouquet of flowers;
with best wishes to your house.
Be glad and happy all the time
in cordial companionship!

My little heart,
my little mouth
wishes you good luck
at every hour!

Also passes year after year,
one thing is quite clear:
Life must always be enjoyed,
No hour may pass without joy!

I sincerely wish all the best:
Health, happiness and sunshine.
And now with a fresh, happy spirit
into the new year of life!

My wishes, my greetings
can certainly be put to good use:
Cool head and warm feet,
and may the chimney smoke!

Full of cheerfulness and sunshine
shall be your birthday today
and also be wonderful,
the whole new year of your life!

When someone is so friendly
is so friendly and so agreeable
and cordial, without being coy,
then one will gladly congratulate:
May the new year of your life be cheerful;
May happiness be your constant companion!

The world always needs, today as tomorrow,
the faithful hearts that care.
It needs the helpful good hand,
It needs a lot of love and understanding.
It needs, who would not admit it,
more people like you.

Will happiness according to its meaning
Give you something good,
Say thank you and accept it
without much hesitation.

Every gift is welcome,
but above all:
that which you strive for,
may you succeed!